Webinar on ‘Lean Thinking'- Beyond tools & processes (in Construction Industry)
Insights on Project Management & Lean Construction Concepts

26 May 2020
Most discussions on Lean Construction are around various tools, techniques or processes used to enhance productivity & efficiency. But following these processes without developing a Mindset and an Attitude conducive to the 'Lean' way of working will not give an individual (or his/her organization) the optimum result or sustain the same. Thus, the right set of tools and techniques when combined with a ‘Lean Thinking Mindset’ can lead to best results.

Tony Jacob (Founder, Constask Management Solutions), Dr. Subhash Rastogi (Founder, Innovative Lean Mentoring Institute) & Mani James (Sr Vice President, Frost & Sullivan), have contributed in the webinar with Industry Insights and their good & not-so-good experience with Lean Thinking.

Following were the topics covered in the webinar

  • Understand 5 principles of Lean
  • Discover benefits of ‘Lean Thinking’ in Construction projects
  • Develop a ‘Lean Mindset’